Fine Art Reproduction Process

The fine art reproduction process is more than just printing a copy of artwork onto canvas or paper. It begins with creating a digital image and ends with a product the artist is happy with.

  • 1. Image Capture - Before printing, you have to start with a high-quality digital image file of the original piece of artwork. This requires a large-format scanner or professional grade digital camera. In addition you need a professional to operate the scanner or digital camera. Scanning is the preferred method of image capture. Van Gogh Again has one of the world's largest flatbed scanners for fine art reproduction. The image quality you get from the one-to-one technology of our flatbed scanner is unmatched. For clients with time or budget constraints we also provide full-service digital photography. Digital Imaging Prices
  • 2. Digital Imaging & Color Correction - Once you have a digital image from a scanner or digital camera, the image needs to be cleaned up and color corrected before printing. The time and cost for digital imaging and color correction depends on the size and complexity of the image.
  • 3. Giclée Printing - When the digital image is color corrected and ready, it's time to print. The cost depends on the size of the print and the substrate (Canvas or Paper). Giclée Printing Prices
  • 4. Stretching, Mounting & Framing (Optional) - Stretching, mounting, and framing services are available.

Time and cost may vary depending on the project.

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